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Prototype Mold
Abstract: Epluser Co.,Limited is one of the leading Chinese prototype mold manufacturers and suppliers, if you are looking for China, cheap, or low price fast mold, fast tool, prototype tool, please feel free to contact us.

The prototype mold is a good chose for the startup project which will launch only small production at the beginning; it has good advantage in cheap cost and short lead time.

Part Name        Sanitas Kabelhalter gross   Insert Material         P20
Cavity1 cavityMoldbase Material  S50C
Mold Size300X300X301mmPart MaterialABS
Mold TypePrototype toolLead Time4 weeks













Shenzhen Epluser Technology Co., Limited

Epluser offers service from design to manufacturing for all the products that you see here, meanwhile, we also offer 

manufacture service including mold design and fabricating, molding/casting, CNC machining and rapid prototyping. 

We are ready to serve to our customer with engineering support whenever needed, and we are happy to support customer 

who has amazing and inspiring new idea. 


Our constant focus is on delivery of the highest quality product and service at the best price, we take a product

from concept to production quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Currently we are having shipping to customers 

throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Mid-east etc. 



Q: When can I get the quote?

A: Usually we provide the quote within 24 hours; you can call or email us if it is an urgent case,and we will give priority to that quote.

Q: Is sample avaliable?

A: Yes, sample is available and free;we will send the sample within 2 days after customer's confirmation,but the sample shipping cost will be paid by customer.

Q: How can I check the product if it is qualified?

A: For stocked cups, we will send the sample to customer. For new cups, we send the first shooting samples to 

customer and we start the next procedure until we get customer's approval.

Q: Is the freight included in your quote?

A: No, the price is EXW price, we can provide customer with freight according to customer order.

Q: How we deal with the failure part if we get the feedback from customer?

A: If the quality issue is confirmed because of our responsibility, then we will send new products to customer to replace the failure parts.


For more questions, please contact us directly, thanks


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