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The Development Trend Of Die Industry

Epluser Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 25, 2015

Due to China's rapid economic development in recent years, the industry is relatively developed, particularly in aerospace, communications, automobile and other fields. Also gives our industry a booming development opportunities. Regional distribution of China is clear. According to industry expert Luo Baihui analysis: the domestic market will still produce two, and achieving steady rising trend. As the 2012 international economic downturn, mold industry has fluctuated.

In current mold industry of poles of trend Xia, national Government also give has mold industry series of support, May 2009, national equipment manufacturing adjustment and revitalization planning type released, the adjustment and revitalization planning of main task one of is: "focus development large precision type cavity mold, and precision stamping mold, and high-end mold standard, efficient, and high performance, and precision complex tool, high precision, and intelligent of, and digital volume instrument, high-end precision abrasive abrasives,. "At the same time, the equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan also proposes a series of fiscal and tax policy support, and" levying imposed on product sales tax return policy expired, study and formulate new tax policies "Twelve-Five plans were included in the mold. In September 2012, the Government adopted the "some opinions on promoting the steady growth of foreign trade" to support China's export trade. Such as the implementation of the plan.

Mould industry affected by the decline of the main factors in the international economic downturn, mould industry is export-oriented. Abroad to cut costs, massive demand in China. According to statistics, China's mold industry structure is more reasonable: stamping die about 37%, plastic about 43%, casting (including die) is about 10%, forging dies, the tires, glass mold and other mold 10%. Plastic die-the largest proportion, is for plastic products are widely used in people's lives.

According to statistics of the international market a pick-up of the economy, how to survive the recent cold period, meeting the rebound after tomorrow, which is worthy of our enterprise to reflect on. Transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and expanding domestic demand, and to expand overseas markets. I personally think it is more important in three ways: 1, increasing their product upgrade 2, enhance the company's brand awareness 3, actively explore foreign markets. Our industry experts also called for businesses to do: product structure adjustment, actively promote high value-added high-tech products exports so competitive.

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