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Plastic Mold Application Scope Of Hot Runner System Application And Development Trend

Epluser Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 25, 2015

Combining the characteristics of hot runner system, using the system of plastic mould applications include the following:

1. Plastic material types

Hot runner molds have been successfully used in a variety of plastic materials. Such as PP,PE,PS,ABS,PBT,PA,PSU,PC,POM,LCP,PVC,PET,PMMA,PEI,ABS/PC and so on. Any cold runner mold can be used for hot runner molds for plastic materials can be processed.

2. Size and weight

Hot runner molds of parts manufactured by a minimum of 0.1 gram. Largest of more than 30 kg. Very broad and flexible application.

3. Industrial fields

Hot runner molds in the electronics, automotive, medical, groceries, toys, packaging, construction, Office equipment and other industrial sectors have been widely used.

With the application of hot runner technology, the proportion of hot runner mold injection mold will gradually improve. As mentioned above by many advantages of injection mould hot runner technology, so the application of hot runner technology developed rapidly in foreign countries, injection mold 50% mold factory produce more than many hot runner technology, even more than 80%, the effect is very obvious.

Hot runner mold design and overall reliability. Today all major domestic and international mold company of hot runner plate design and is connected to the nozzle part of the pressure distribution, temperature distribution, seal attached great importance to issues such as research and development. Stacked hot runner injection mould for development and use is also a hot spot. Stack molds could effectively increase the number of cavities, and injection molding machine clamp force requirements by simply adding 10%~15%. Stacked hot runner mold has been used in some developed countries industrialize. stacked hot runner mould in the injection molding industry in the country has been widely used, such as disposable cutlery, bottle caps, bottle theft ring and handle small batch products. as domestic collaboration in design of stacked hot runner runner company production and use has accumulated a wealth of experience.

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