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High Accuracy CNC Machining Rapid Prototype China

Epluser Co.,Limited | Updated: Jul 01, 2016
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: rp002

  • Surface Finish Process: Polishing

  • Plastic Material: ABS /PC /PMMA /Alu

  • Application: Furniture, Commodity, Industrial Molds

  • Design Software: UG

  • Certification: SGS

  • Customized: Customized

  • Mould Base: /

  • Insert: /

  • Specification: CNC Precision machining

  • HS Code: 8480719090

  • Shaping Mode: Rapid Prototype

  • Mould Cavity: Single Cavity

  • Process Combination Type: Machining

  • Runner: /

  • Installation: Fixed

  • Standard: Customized

  • Design: Customized

  • Cavity/Core: /

  • Trademark: OdinMould

  • Origin: China

Product Description
Rapid Prototype is a kind of technology for research and development products. Its function is to check the products geometry, surface, and the whole construction is OK or not, besides, it also promotes the enterprises product innovation, shorten the new product cycle time, enhance the competitiveness of their products. Once finish the rapid prototype, you can check your idea- rapid prototype.
Rapid prototype feature:
1.the whole process of forming rapidity, suitable for the modern competitive markets.
2. It can make any complicated shapes of the 3D entity.
3. Use CAD model to make, to realize the integration of the design and manufacture high quality, its intuitive and modification for the perfect product design, which provides excellent design environment.
4. Molding process with no special jig, mould tool, not only save the cost, but also shorten cycle time of the production.

Quality Control:
1.Mould Material Q/C
 - Mould Steel Checking(Hardness, flaw detection)
 - Mould Standard Spare Parts Checking(hardness, size, flaw checking)
 2. Mould Making Process Q/C
 - design checking (part design, mould design, mould engineering drawing)
 - Each part of mould's size checking after machining according to 2D drawing
 - mould testing(check mould running condition and first mold testing sample)

Mould Packaging and Shipping
Painted with Anti-rust oil + Plastic film + Strong Wooden Box/Pallet.
Sent together with the mould:
 a) Mould manual instruction
 b) engineering drawing in flash disk
 c) one more set of mould spare parts: heater, ejector pin, bush, water nozzle, water pipe, hanging ring.
 d). Mold P/L strap(s) installed and tightened.
 e).Markings for waterline,identification,eyebolt etc. Stamped.
Component Standard:
Standard mold: JIS, AISI, DIN
Standard for Mold Base:
DME, Hasco, LKM
Standard for Mold Component:
DME, Hasco, Rabourdin, Progressive, Daido

Design Capability:
Analysis the CAD from client and give feasible proposal
Modify the CAD after get client confirmation
Start tool design and modify the desgn base on feeback from client
Submit all the 2D/3D drawings to client
Software  using
Mold Flow 2012
Auto Cad 

P.O. Procedure:
Involved departments have a meeting to optimize the mold design .
Project Manager is appointed
Mold design in process and approval
Weekly report is submitted with digital
T-1 samples with FAI is submitted
Final tooling checking after part
NC engraving or by 3D printers....
When you need to be sure if your plastic model is available for mould construction, or when you need to show your customer the shape of your designed plastic parts, you will need to make a prototype of your plastic parts, Odin Mould can offer you prototypes making service. But please tell us the material you will need to be on the prototype, also you need to tell us if you need it made by CNC engraving or by laser 3D printers....

CNC aluminum, ABS/PC/PMMA/
When you are inventing new product, but in seek of who can offer different material for making prototypes. How can you know about the real product comes? Do you need to check if assembling or function of your new invented product is in good action? We can offer you service for making rapid prototypes before making moulds for new invented plastic parts. There are also some types of making rapid prototypes, for example: SLA materials: RenShape_SL7810 (USA); Accuracy =± 0.15/100mm. 
CNC materials: ABS; Accuracy o= ± 0.15/100mm 

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