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Commonly encountered problems in injection molding

Epluser Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 25, 2015

1, the temperature is the first step in injection molding, temperature can be divided into: drying temperature, and the temperature, mold temperature, these are crucial factors. Dry temperature is to guarantee forming quality and prior on polymer for dry, guarantee polymer of wet and dry are in must of lines; material temperature is to guarantee polymer plastic of (melt adhesive plaster) normal, and Li Chongmo, and forming; mold of temperature is produced skin size, and appearance, and forming cycle consider of important conditions, control effect products in die cavity in the of cooling speed, and products of appearance quality.

2, the speed is divided into: song back injection speed, melt temperature, speed, thimble, opening and closing mould speed forward velocity. Injection speed of improve will effect filling molded force improve, improve injection speed can makes flow length increased, products quality uniform ensure products quality, high-speed shot out for long process products, speed Shi control products size; melt material speed effect plastic of capacity, is plastic of quality of important parameter number, speed more high, melt body hot degrees more high plastic of capacity more strong; pine back speed is to reduced melt body than capacity, makes melt cavity inside pressure declined, prevent its outflow of role; opening and closing die speed is guarantee machine Taiwan production run of important conditions one of ; Ejector forward velocity Shun Lee is to ensure that product release does not make the product deformation, cracking.

3, pressure can be divided into: injection pressure and holding pressure and back pressure, pressure of clamping pressure, mold protection, top pressure. Shot pressure to overcome melt body from nozzle--flow road--poured mouth--type cavity of pressure lost to ensure type cavity was full; insurance pressure is to reduced parts for trained big of injection pressure and led to stick die burst or bent; was pressure is to avoid in high-speed high pressure state Xia mold in the has foreign body and led to mold was pressure bad; top out pressure is prevent products ex away from die surface caused bad.

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